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Welcome to the Island. 

Euphoria: The Hidden Isles is a Third-person SWRPG (Shared World RPG) where the players live out narratives in their own generated cities with player economies and adventure.

While on a quest for riches you have found yourself
trapped on an Island, hidden from the rest of the world,
and guarded by the same mysterious force that led to the obliteration of your ship. You will choose a role that will mold your experience through the game, and through sheer might and
will - and maybe a few friends - you might be the first to
truly conquer the Hidden Isles of Euphoria!


Six different professions await you that all have very distinct ways to play.

Will you be a Guardian and face your enemies head-on?
A mage who relies on the ancient magicks and enchanting?
Or even a merchant who had goons that fight for you?

With all six professions being tied on playstyles instead
of equipment, the possibilities are endless!


BASH, SLASH, or even CASH your way to victory.


Discover lots of cute (and/or dangerous) creatures that pepper the island. Some can be your friend – but others, well..have other ideas.


Make some new furry friends.

You aren’t the only one who’s stuck on the island. What are known now as locals have settled here long ago and welcome you with open arms if you behave. Discover their secrets, grow in status, and watch the city begin to build up and flourish as you continue to discover the secrets of just why everyone has refused to leave all these years…

Live in an active city and watch it grow.


Explore vast procedural dungeons and expeditions, or even fight some of the big, colossal monsters that plague the island. But be careful, fighting these big baddies may have severe consequences….

Dungeons, Disaster, and Discourse – Oh My!


Wanna get involved?

Send us your portfolio and let us know what you're interested in helping us out with! 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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