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Music and Muses: A Deep Dive

Heyo! Another Friday is down in the books, and we've finished the majority of our planning for stage one in our development breakdown process with Mind2Matter, as well as our creative team. We've been really busy buffing out some loose ends within our own world's lore, and by next Friday, we'll make a whole post talking about the world that you'll be diving into when you create your character for the first time. We don't want to make this an extremely long updated post, so here are some of the highlights of some of the things we'll be completing in stage one.

  • Front End Page Design (That's just fancy talk for login screen!)

  • Game UI Coding

  • Character Creation Screen

  • PVP / Dueling Mechanics

If you want to see a more in-depth breakdown, we've got nothin' to hide for you guys. (Though we imagine it's pretty boring from your point of view.)

In addition, we're also picking back up on our soundtrack, and we'll be coming out with some more music soon! Here's a few for you to enjoy in the meanwhile. Soon, we'll be releasing our whole game album on Spotify for your enjoyment. See you on the Isle! Aetherian Studios Team

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