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Talkin' Bodies

We're busy at work creating concept art with our partnered studio for our kickstarter project that's aiming to be launched in 90 days, and one of our biggest concerns is representation. Historically, RPGs didn't have the best rep when it came to character design. While the genre has gone a long way with recent titles, the majority of them relied on modder support to fully implement customization options that could go well beyond what was already in the game - which is kind of a shame. We're not an AAA studio so we can't exactly give you Black Desert level of sliders, but we hope to have a color pallet that will have a wide a

rray of skin tones, and at least 5 body types that can represent the majority of the populous, 5 heads that have a range of customization, as well as face, breast, and butt sliders. Of course, our game will still have full modder support, so we can only imagine some of the great things that will be created by all of you! (Oh, and yeah, we're fully prepared for the first mods to be nude. Ya'll aren't slick.) Anon! - Bojana

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